The One Thing People Need to Save Mississippi

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I was raised in Mississippi my whole life, and only but a few years ago did I have the chance to start exploring other places and learn how big the world actually is. However, every place I have been ,whether it be in Mississippi or out, I have heard one common statement everywhere. It was either

Mississippi is horrible and has no potential, once I graduate I am leaving this place” or “Why would I ever go to Mississippi, there is nothing there and there’s no potential.”

But I respectfully, disagree. It is not the fact that there is nothing is Mississippi. Everything starts from nothing. It is the fact that you are letting what news and media feed you instead of seeing what is right in front of your face. Whether it is the stock market, products, or even towns, people do not realize that when it is at its lowest, that’s the best time to buy. That’s the best time to see what can be made better. That’s the best time to take your shot at making a difference.

Charles Chu, states that A person with a shovel can, at the right place, start a small cut that gets bigger and bigger until the whole river flows through the new channel and an entire curve of the river is obliterated.” in his article “The Mississippi Effect: How Small Decisions Can Change the World.

This not only my opinion but there’s proof everywhere you look. Last June (2017), the Trump brand announced that they were partnering with a family to bring a hotel to the Delta (click here to read the article).

Not only that, The Delta Entrepreneurship Network has been supporting entrepreneurs, nurture entrepreneurial talent, and educate those entrepreneurs in the Delta region of the state.

Out of the Delta, Mississippi State University and the University of Mississippi, both have multiple programs designed and focused on helping students start and grow successful businesses.




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Thomas George

Thomas George

💻 1st Phorm #Ionic Mobile Applications #Developer ☕️ Espresso Fanatic 🇺🇸 Chauvinist

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