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  • Shubhrika Dogra

    Shubhrika Dogra

    Writer & Digital Marketer

  • Lj Ryan

    Lj Ryan

    Working in Sales Admin but practiced life under many other careers. Proud member of The Independent Irish Authors Collective, writing is Lj’s life after family

  • Rajesh Mishra

    Rajesh Mishra

    A coder by profession, sharing life experiences with the Words. Learning more about Productivity, Habits, Decision Making and ambitious towards self freedom.

  • Mohd Suhairi Ahmad Soobni

    Mohd Suhairi Ahmad Soobni

  • Galit Birk, PhD

    Galit Birk, PhD

    Psychology, human potential, parent coaching, possibility, vulnerability, authenticity, connection, being known, giving my words wings! Perfectly imperfect.

  • Zeeshan Khan, S.M.

    Zeeshan Khan, S.M.

    Moved from Massachusetts to Munich after completing Masters at MIT. Lived in Dubai before that. Working on self driving cars of BMW.

  • Eeva Metssalu

    Eeva Metssalu

    Honest writings about Growing Up. Sharing my non-standard life stories, opinions and experiences in the hopes that you’ll find some of it relatable.

  • JustgetBetter


    I am still a student and have found great passion in writing and sharing ideas with others

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