As Imperfect as America is, It’s Still A Beautiful Place

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The current state of the United States has put its citizens on edge. The coronavirus cases are at an all-time high, a new civil rights movement is in the works, and the country as a whole is struggling. People are quick to criticize America’s prejudices, it’s lack of affordable healthcare and other flaws within the country. This is not the time of proud Americans; people are focusing on America’s negatives, instead of its many positives. As imperfect as America is, it’s still a beautiful place. America is a country composed of opportunity, diversity, beauty, and good.

The United States is a place of opportunity and hope. America allows citizens and immigrants to grow their businesses and climb the corporate ladder. Though not everyone makes their way into the top percentile of America, the opportunity exists. Among the richest people in the world, the top two are American. International companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google were founded and created in America. America is the leader in hosting self-made tycoons. People are made equal in America, and thus, with a little bit of luck and hard work, anyone can make it. It does not matter what one’s race, gender, or sexuality is; anyone can thrive in America. The country allows people to speak their minds and make changes. The U.S. has undergone the various wars, the civil rights movement, the suffrage movement, and more. People are allowed to speak for equal opportunity, and oftentimes that leads to a change, no matter how small. The country is certainly not perfect, yet it accepts its flaws and works for active improvement.

America is a country that accepts the opinions of others. Though Americans may not always see eye to eye on everything, they allow for varying ideas on how the country should be run. One of the United State’s most basic rights is Freedom of Speech. People are allowed to speak their minds and not be condemned for it. The citizens of America are allowed to act in protests and speak against the government freely. Citizens can call their senators and representatives to ask for change. Sometimes this actually persuades the country’s leaders to change their minds and vote their people want them to. Even though plenty of other countries allow freedom of speech, America is the most tolerant. The Pew Research center polled 38 countries about their freedom of speech, and America came out on top. Americans may not always agree with each other, but at least they can agree that the government should not censor them.

Another beautiful quality of America is how diverse it is. America is home to hundreds of ethnic groups, which is what gives it its name “the melting pot.” Of the many cultures in America, everyone is provided with equal opportunity. No matter where someone came from, or how much money they have, they have the same rights. The government does not put one group over another. Prejudices come from personal opinions, instead of on a large-scale level. America doesn’t have an official language either. English is the most spoken language, but some citizens are also native speakers of English, Spanish, and Chinese, among others. It is no lie that racism still exists in the world and in America. But, America makes conscious efforts to diversity the country and give everyone a voice.

Along with ethnic diversity in America, there is a lot of religious diversity. Religion is not separated from the government. People can practice whatever religion they wish to. No religion is given preference to another in the United States. It’s also easy to learn about other cultures and religions in this country. The citizens of America are able to hear and see different aspects of life and opinions and adopt some of them as their own. This is not common in other countries around the world.

What’s particularly amazing about America is how different, yet united, each state is from one another. Living in one area of the country is like living in an entirely different area. America has beautiful landmarks in every section of its land. On one side of America is the Grand Canyon and on the very other side is the Empire State Building. There is something for everyone in this country. There are mountains, oceans, rivers, lakes, big cities, and so much more.

America is free, but it’s also virtuous. Moral problems happen everywhere, especially in America, but that’s because people are allowed to act the way they want to. As such, when good decisions are made in America, they are all the more impressive. America is virtuous on its own accord. When life in America is good, it’s because its people have effectively done the work to make it that way. There is no totalitarian regime or dictatorship in America. Everyone can make their own choices, good or bad. Overall, however, American citizens progress the country’s values.

The world is changing and so is America. America is facing trouble right now, but it has a lot of great potential. The foundation for the country of America is hopeful. There’s diversity throughout all 50 states. Everyone has equal opportunity and stands out on the equal ground. The country has freedom of speech, so when people do good, it’s of their own free will. America is a beautiful country. It’s going through a tough time right now, but it will pick itself back up.

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