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You may be thinking when you clicked on this post “he’s going to talk about structuring your Ionic app and what to think about when building it” or “I bet he’s going to speak about adding an API about your skeletal system or nutrition.”

Well, I am sad to say, not this time. Today, I want to show you a neat way of removing the issue of having the user seeing nothing and having to wait on information to load to know the app hasn’t broken. The way we do this is by using a component called Skeleton Text.


A man that’s outside with a computer in his lap throwing papers into the air
A man that’s outside with a computer in his lap throwing papers into the air

Now I know what y’all are thinking “Thomas, it’s LITERALLY halfway through 2020 and you’re just now creating a goal list for this year!?”

Well, I was reading one of Andy Frisella’s AndyGram on Starting NOW. It went into detail about how people think that they need to wait ‘till New Year to make changes. Instead of making changes TODAY. If you would like to read more on this article, click here!

After reading the AndyGram, I looked at my list I made at the beginning of the year and realized that I wasn’t setting my goals big enough!


Everyone has done it before. You type in a website then stop and stare at the 404 page that is on the screen. You ask yourself, “Did I not type it in right? Did the website delete?”

What if everyone who visited that 404 page was met with the pictures of animals up for adoption? That was my thought when I visited an Amazon 404 Error page and saw “Dogs of Amazon.” If you haven’t seen this page, click here.

An increasingly popular way for animals to get adopted is on social media, where they do a funny trick or…

It has been almost six months since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak swept through the entire globe and has completely upended the daily lives of millions of people in the United States and around the world.

In a bid to halt the rapid spread of the viral infection different state and local governments sprung to action by imposing several restrictive measures, a shelter at home policy, and social distancing guidelines to contain the virus and flatten the curve.

This means that millions of people who still have jobs are now working full-time remotely from home. …

For the past few months now I’ve been spending my free time in the sky learning the in’s and out’s of how to properly control a bird that was built to touch the skies and see what’s beyond.

As the way many others probably have started, my adventure began in my mind. Thinking what it would be like to fly as easily and freely as birds do. Throughout the years, this question turned into a goal. …

This wasn’t a very planned article, but I was looking at all the neat things I’ve found on the internet for developers over the past few weeks that I had to show them! If you know of any more cool/neat repositories or API’s please comment and let me know!

Shave: Dollar Shave Club 🪒

Now you may be wondering “What would a hygiene company have to do with web design and development?” Well to my realization a few weeks ago, A LOT. The people over at Dollar Shave Club have made it easy to keep yourself and your website well-groomed! Now how do they achieve…

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The current state of the United States has put its citizens on edge. The coronavirus cases are at an all-time high, a new civil rights movement is in the works, and the country as a whole is struggling. People are quick to criticize America’s prejudices, it’s lack of affordable healthcare and other flaws within the country. This is not the time of proud Americans; people are focusing on America’s negatives, instead of its many positives. As imperfect as America is, it’s still a beautiful place. America is a country composed of opportunity, diversity, beauty, and good.

The United States is…

The Multiple Types of Ionic 5 Starter Templates and What They Do

For the developers in the room who have already created a few applications using Ionic, this article will be boring and dull as attending a 2-hour Zoom conference call. I would suggest for the more advanced people to get ahead to the next article.

For the developers in the room that are wanting a quick introduction into the pages of Ionic, how the look, and what they come with without actually having to install, open, and run each of them separately, this is the article for you!

What is Ionic?

So before we get to the actual pages in Ionic normally used, first…

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Over recent years, I’ve had the chance to try MANY different flavors of IDE’s. Everything from Sublime Text, Visual Studio, VS Code, to even DreamWeaver. Each of them has its Pros and Cons, but I have found that PHPStorm just feels right. I don’t know how to explain it. But in my time using it, I’ve tried a variety of different plugins and add-ons. In this article, I go over the top 3 I would ALWAYS make sure I have before starting a big project. Let’s get started!

Material Theme UI

I don’t know about you… but I LOVE a good dark theme…

We’ve all been there… Learning a new programming language (or even your first programming language) and you have all these ideas as to what you will make once you understand that language. Then that time comes along and you have completely forgotten all those great ideas that you thought about when you first began learning.

I’ve been there PLENTY of times, probably too many for me to count; however, when I was learning Ionic/Angular, I finally fixed that problem by actually writing them down!

Below I have added a list of ideas not just for me to build to improve…

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